Her Story

Lane grew up surrounded by music. Her grandmother was an operatic stage singer, her aunt a jazz performer, and her father could often be found playing the saxophone while Lane danced around the living room as a child. Her brother managed a record store in their native Montreal to boot, giving Lane access to the latest jazz talents while introducing her to other genres far and wide. When Lane was just 10 years old, her dance instructor invited students to perform an improvisational dance to whatever song inspired them the most. While other students chose the Beatles or Michael Jackson, she opted for "Reflections" by Stan Getz. A prophetic choice, to be sure, as Getz and other great reed players (including, among others, Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane) proved vital to her creative evolution, informing the organic qualities that so naturally permeate her singing. 

Lane's journey from obscurity to center stage has been a long and personal one. Years of intense soul-searching, informed at every phase by an unflagging integrity, have imbued her voice with an expressive confidence that matches her natural talents. . If any turning point can be singled out, it was at the age of 28, when Lane was asked by a sound engineering university student to record a jazz standard for a final exam submission. Lane never suspected, however, that he would enter her recording in DownBeat magazine's student competition and that, months later, she would win the vocal control category. Although technically Lane couldn't receive the award because she herself was not a student, the professional recognition nonetheless put her on the map of jazz as a noteworthy destination and showcased her meticulous talents at the microphone. 

Lane honed her musical talents in live performance, but is no stranger to the studio. She has brought her signature sound to a variety of recording projects from radio jingles to film soundtracks, and was also chosen as the original station identification voice for Couleurs Jazz (now Planète Jazz CKLX 91.9 FM). 

Lane complements her love for the standards with a passion for new sounds. Before embarking on her debut album, Lane immersed herself in songwriting, crafting compositions for a variety of artists. Lane's pop hit "Feel Happy," recorded by celebrated Las Vegas performer Veronic Dicaire, received a SOCAN award. 

But all of these activities were mere appetizers to the main course of her first full-length studio project, Let Me Love You, which finds her in the company of a team of powerfully talented players and engineers. The album's smooth, rich sounds are sure to warm your heart despite the onset of winter's embrace.